Domi is a digital rental passport improving the way we rent.

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Domi Labs is using blockchain and SSI technology combined with user-centric design to reimagine antiquated rental processes. Removing friction and improving access for tenants and landlords alike.

What can you do with Domi?

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1. Verified Identities 

Tenants can easily store and share rental history and verified documents, wherever they are. All personal information is retained by the owner.

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3. Contract Management

Rental contracts, compliant with local regulations, are automatically generated. These can be digitally signed and safely stored. No more bursting binders or loose photocopies on the tops of fridges. 

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4. Rental Management Platform

Domi's rental management platform allows for open and transparent communication between contractual parties. This platform facilitates tracking of the relationship as well as disputes and claims. The platform is customizable and readily integrated into IT Systems and business processes. 

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5. Properties and Tenants grow their passports

As renting cycles are completed tenants and properties continue to build their passports and thus credibility. Privacy, data portability and progressive disclosure are built in, allowing parties to feel confident that their data remains their own.

Domi is committed to making the way we rent seamless and ensuring everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it.

User Research

We are conducting ongoing User Research with Landlords, Housing Associations and Tenants. Our intention is to involve all parties in the rental ecosystem to reach the right solution for everyone.

If you are interested in participating, please get in touch:


Domi Labs has been accepted into the inaugural Self-Sovereign Identity Incubator in San Francisco. While here we will receive the mentorship, support and initial resources needed to build a proof of concept and define our Minimum Viable Product.

Domi Labs

Domi Labs is an innovation consultancy with a mission to shape the future of housing through research, advocacy and technology based innovation.

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